Psychological Thriller The Long Reach Coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Today, Ukraine-based developer Painted Black Games announced that its psychological pixel-art thriller and debut game, The Long Reach, is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, and Linux sometime during Q3 2017.

Originally intended to be a mobile game, The Long Reach is said to be inspired by the Matrix, Resident Evil, Lone Survivor, True Detective, The Last Door, and Fargo. 

Described as an “an intricate adventure, where you solve puzzles, run, and hide, The Long Reach takes place in a world where everyone is grasping for power, whether through money, divine blessing, or technological might. The story specifically takes place in Baervox, a fictional American town. It is here that the scientific institute designs a revolutionary system of accelerated knowledge transferring. And with this, everything went wrong. Technology grew out of the control, as the Institute and town turned into a nightmare full of experiments gone wrong.

You play as Control Steward, the junior researcher at the scientific institute and an ordinary person who will have to untangle the mess he finds himself surrounded by.

The game notably boats over 12,000 words in dialogs and script, handmade pixel art, original music, more than fifty locations, more than twenty main and background characters, sixty different items to collect, and enemies that aren’t mere faceless zombies, but humans whose lives and stories matter.

A price-point for the game hasn’t been divulged.