Atari Provides First-Look of its New Console the "Ataribox"

Today, Atari revealed the design of its new console, which it is calling the Ataribox.

In a newsletter, Atari revealed the first-look of its first console in over 20 years; however, it has remained a bit tight-lipped about the nature of the Ataribox and what purpose it will serve in today’s competitive, big-money console market.

According to the newsletter, Atari’s objective is to create a new product that stays true to its heritage while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari.

As for the design of the console — which is the emphasis of today’s newsletter — Atari has gone with a look inspired by classic Atari design elements, such as the iconic wood-look, ribbed, and raised back. The console features ribs that flow around the whole console, a front panel that can be either wood or glass, a front facing logo, an indicator lights that glow through the material, an HDMI port, a SD port, and four USB ports.

According to Atari, the range of ports suggest modern internal specs, as well as that it will delivering not only classic gaming content, but also current gaming content. Whether or not this suggests that the console will be getting new titles from third-parties or whether it’s looking to compete with the Switch, Xbox One, and PS4, remains unclear at the moment.

The console will be available in two editions: a classic wood edition, and a black and red edition that looks more modern.

Details such as specs, games, pricing, and a release date have not been divulged. Atari has said it isn’t deliberately being teasing, but rather wants to make sure it gets things right. Further, it will be closely listening to Atari community feedback as the process to release continues.