PS4 Exclusive Genkai Tokki Castle Panzers Gets New Trailer; Reveals New Waifus

Today Compile Heart released a new trailer of its upcoming JRPG Genkai Tokki Castle Panzers.

If you’re not familiar with the Genkai Tokki series, the first five seconds will be enough, as we read: “In the beginning God created the bra and the panties. And God Said “Let there be panties wear over ones head.”

Shaky English aside, I laughed. A lot.

The trailer features the opening cutscene of the game, which is slightly not safe for work, so keep that in mind. We also get to hear

On top of the video, we also get the announcement of four new waifus: the mercenary Scarlet Riva, the princess’ bodyguard Riddle, and three sisters, Luna, Rena and Rana. They’re employees of a major trading company and they support the hero by selling items.

Check the trailer and images of the new characters out below, and you can also see some recent screenshots, a previous batch, and the first trailer.

Genkai Tokki Castle Panzers will be release in Japan on September 28th, 2017 exclusively for PS4. At the moment, there is no indication of a western release, but since this is the first Genkai Tokki game on PS4, it’s certainly not impossible.