Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy XV Cross Over with New Event

Square Enix announced today that they are currently running a two-week collaboration with Final Fantasy XV in Mobius Final Fantasy that can net players new ability cards.

This Final Fantasy XV collaboration, which runs from today until March 31, adds multiple characters from the game such as Noctis, Lady Lunafreya, and Prompto to Mobius Final Fantasy as ability cards. They also released a new special event card called “Unbreakable Bonds: Final Fantasy XV” that lets players use the powerful Royal Arms to take down their enemies.

During this event, players will also be able to perform one ability card summon every day at no cost. One can also receive up to six different stamps and two exclusive ability cards (the Regalia, Cindy) as a login bonus.

Mobius Final Fantasy recently got a content update that added two new jobs to the game: The Berserker and Rouge. There is also currently another event going on until March 23 called the Revival Stamp Campaign, which gives players the opportunity to recover once per battle without the use of a phoenix down.

Mobius Final Fantasy is currently available on Android, iOS, and PC, and Final Fantasy XV is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One.