Hitman Gets New Infographic for One Year Anniversary; Details Player Accomplishments and Milestones

With its launch last year, Square Enix and IO Interactive’s revival of Hitman brought players across an international journey of espionage and assassination, with the publisher looking back at the game’s (and players’) accomplishments over the past year.

Publisher Square Enix detailed some of the milestones and accomplishments from players in the past year for Hitman with a new infographic, as the studio also thanked fans for their support on “this incredible journey” throughout the new content releases that were provided last year.

Specifically, Square Enix detailed that there were 22 Elusive Targets, 44 Escalation Contracts, 4 Challenge Packs, and over 100 Featured Contracts throughout 2016 since the game officially launched. On the players’ part, over 70 million challenges have been completed in-game, while over 250,000 Contracts have been created by players.

Hitman is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, including the recently-released compilation of the game’s first season.