Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Hands-On Preview – Razing the Dead with the Female Necro

During this year’s Game Developers Conference, Blizzard Entertainment gave me the opportunity to sit down and have a go with the yet-to-be unveiled female Necromancer. The new class is, not surprisingly, the main draw of the new expansion Rise of the Necromancer.

It was nice to get a bit of nostalgia from the days of the sequel, but the designers have definitely tightened up the undead action for Diablo III with the new content being added in the upcoming expansion.

At the beginning we were given a bit of a tour of the art, inspirations, and newly unveiled skills of the male and female Necromancers by the developers. They explained how they saw this class as the ‘rockstars’ of the Diablo world, in both how they look and act. They’re able to create bombastic effects with ‘Corpse Explosion’ or summon a wave of crimson liquid to damage all enemies with the brand new skill ‘Blood Nova’. From the presentation, it was obvious that Necromancers were not a subtle class.

After seeing the character models and some cool throwbacks to the days of Diablo II (the Necro’s bone armor, for instance), we were directed to a table full of desktops. After putting on my headset I was thrown into the world and given the straightforward task of killing all the Rift Guardians. No problem, I thought, as I began clicking on wave after wave of enemies.