Albion Online Behind the Scenes Video Showcases the Sound Design Process

Sandbox Interactive has released a new behind the scenes video for their upcoming sandbox MMORPG,Albion Online. The newly released video goes into more detail regarding multiple aspects of the sound design process for the game.

Florian Bodenschatz, Albion Online’s Sound Designer discusses some of the design challenges and how sound is curated for a game like Albion Online. Whether it’s the sound of a certain weapon clanging against another weapon or the sound of traversing across multiple types of terrain, every piece of audio in Albion Online is created and arranged by Florian Bodenschatz and his team.

In this video, Florian Bodenschatz explains the process during the sound design stage of development and breaks down the factors that are crucial for creating a truly immersive atmosphere.

Albion Online is scheduled to release in July 2017 for PC, Linux and MAC, with an Android release coming shortly after the official release. If you don’t want to wait until July 2017, you can purchase a Founder’s Pack, which will grant you immediate access to Albion Online’s ongoing beta tests.